I am a grafic designer specialized in creating artworks for the underground music scene since 2013. My skills of visual expression reach from Logo and Type Design over varied styles of Illustration to Photography. Anything that is needed to capture the feeling your music releases in me.

I do not want to repeat the same style over and over again and try to achieve a unique individual one for every band or client I work with. Therefore I am looking for clients that can give me enough artistic freedom to release the maximum of creative output!


Abigor (Aut)
Acid Mothers Temple (J)
Alto Lago (Ger)
Amestigon (Aut)
Anomalie (Aut)
Apath (Ger)
Apathie (Ger)
Arcturus (Fin)
Arena Wien (Aut)
Ausriné (Aut)
Behind Your Fear (Ger)
Beissert (Ger)
Big Goat Little Sun (Aut)
Black Mountain (US)
Blackshore (Ger)
Botanist (USA)
Der Blutharsch (Aut)
Cadû (Aut)
Cabaret Bizarre (CH)
Celebrare Noctem Fest (Aut)
Come to the Sabbath (Aut)
Croword (Aut)
Culthe Fest (Ger)
Darkher (UK)

Dauþuz (Ger)
Deathrite (Ger)
Dool (NL)
Dornenreich (Ger)
Drey Principia (Ger)
Drownship (Ger)
Duncan Evans (UK)
Einsiedler Productions (Ger)
Elephant (Aut)
Eschaton (Aut)
Falaise (It)
Favonian (US)
Fäulnis (Ger)
FM4 Radio (Aut)
Forlesen (US)
Funkenflug Festival (Aut)
Fvneral Fvkk (Ger)
Fyrnask (Ger)
GlerAkur (Iceland)
Hallucination Generation (Ger)
Harakiri for the Sky (Aut)
Heretoir (Ger)
Hexvessel (Fin)
High Brian (Aut)
House of the Holy Festival (Aut)
Hypnopazüzu (UK)
Ingrain (IL)

Jex Thoth (US)
Kryptomorph (Aut)
Kvlt & Knochen (Aut)
Lighthouse (Ger)
Lights of Darkness Festival (Aut)
Locistellar (US)
Lotus Thief (US)
Mandaground (Aut)
Minus Green (Aut)
Monolow (UK)
Morion Studio (Che)
Mosaic (Ger)
Mudhoney (US)
Nachtmystium (US)
Nastrandir (Ger)
Negator (Ger)
Nemesis Sopor (Ger)
Nhor (UK)
Nightforest (Aut)
Noêta (Swe)
North of the Wall Festival (UK)
Opprobre (F)
Oskoreien (US)
Our Survival Depends on Us (Aut)
Prophecy Fest (Ger)
Prophecy Productions (Ger)
Rimruna (Ger)

Roadtrip to Outta Space (Aut)
Sarkh (Ger)
Savanah (Aut)
Selbstentleibung (Aut)
Sever (US)
Sieben (UK)
Sixes (US)
Slam Magazine (Aut)
So I Sin (Aut)
Sólstafir (Iceland)
Soror Dolorosa (Fr)
Spiritual Front (I)
Street Writers (Uk)
Sunn O))) (US)
Sun of the Sleepless (Ger)
The Moon and the Nightspirit (H)
The Vision Bleak (Ger)
Transcending Visions Fest (Aut)
Unseen Remains (Aut)
Urfaust (Ned)
Usurpator (Aut)
Vinsta (Aut)
White Hills (US)
Wisborg (Ger)
Woventongve (Aut)
Wurm (Aut)


Irrwisch Artdesign Alexander Trinkl
Ketzergasse 84/8
A-1230 Vienna


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